Practice in Montreal

8 05 2011

We will be doing our Camino walk with a group.  One of the questions we get asked is “How did you find them?”  It’s a bit complicated, but it must have been a God-thing.

K sings in a choir at school.  They had a guest one evening, a professor from Concordia University and associate pastor at a Lutheran church in Montreal.  M was promoting a course in pilgrimage, K was interested, mostly because I was, and we signed up. K is taking the course, I am not.

The rest of the group is from Montreal.  Pictures, e-mail and blogs are not the same as the real thing so last weekend we went for a walk with them.  Yes, we drove 1500 km so we could walk with the rest of the group.  It was worth it!

C offered us accommodation for the two nights we were there.  Thank you, C!  Saturday was a gorgeous day; we walked about 10 km with our packs fully loaded.  The loaded packs led to lots of questions from other park users.  We finished the day with a yummy meal at an Indian restaurant.  Sunday we were able to meet with our tour guide and ask some questions.

Our Pilgrim Group

We are a group of 2 men and 6 women (one of the women could not join us on our practice walk).  Unfortunately, M, the professor for the course injured himself; crutches and the Camino do not mix well, he won’t be walking/hobbling with us but hopes to join us in the evenings.  One of the group members had read somewhere the average pilgrim on the Camino is a 51-year-old woman.  We fit the mold well.

We also have a tour guide for the first week, it does seem a bit like cheating, but I’m OK with that.  The second and third weeks we are on our own.  One of the group speaks Spanish, she will be our go-to person when we need an interpreter.

Coming from rural Ontario, Montreal is an experience all on its own.  Apparently, the road bridges are in extremely bad repair and they’re trying to fix them.  Results are construction everywhere, and horrendous traffic.  It seemed to us we could not go anywhere without getting on a major highway.  Apart from the traffic, we found Montreal to be a very friendly city.  Every time we would greet someone in English, they would switch languages from French to cater to us.  It made us feel welcome.  It also made us feel a little inadequate, we’re missing something by being uni-lingual.

We are pleased we were able to meet our fellow travellers and look forward to seeing them again in Madrid!




One response

10 05 2011

You’ll be okay Jocelyn. I found the pillows clean and comfortable–also the mattresses. Only had to use a makeshift pillow once and that was in the monestary. Buon Camino

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