“I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find your reservation”

11 05 2011

Travelling is a mixed blessing.  Combined with the excitement of doing something different and exciting is the tedium of actually getting there.  We had a long day of travel.  Starting with a drive from Toronto to Buffalo, a long wait, a flight from Buffalo to Washington, another long wait, a flight from Washington to Madrid and finally a taxi ride to our hotel in Madrid.

We’re here a day earlier than the rest of our group.  When I asked K what he’d like to do for the day, the only thing on his mind was a nap.  The trip though long, had gone smoothly but for a few moments I thought it was going to fall apart at the front desk of the hotel.  “I’m sorry I can’t seem to find your reservation” are words no one wants to hear when they’ve been travelling for 24 hours, are sleep deprived and jet lagged.  “Hmm, we are booked in for tomorrow night with a group from Spirit Tours,” K says.  “Oh yes, here you are” responds the desk clerk.  She handed us our keys, pointed us to the elevator and we headed to bed.

European hotel rooms are not as large as North American ones.  There is only one double bed in this room, but we’re grateful it’s a real double bed and not two twin beds pushed together.  It’s clean, quiet and the staff are friendly.  What more do we need?

Easy Energy Conservation

Our first challenge was turning on the lights in our room.  I knew European lights switches might be different from ours at home, but after pushing on every bit of white plastic we could find, we admitted defeat.  A passing staff member was very helpful, it really didn’t take many words to show us how to insert our room key into the wall receptacle and connect the power.  When you leave the room and take your key with you, all the lights go out automatically.

Ken and Alonso, the very first pilgrim

After a nap we set out to explore the city on foot.  First order of business was something to eat.  We weren’t sure if it should be breakfast or lunch.  Our bodies said it was 9 am, the clocks insisted it was 3 pm.  Eggs fit the bill at any time of the day; we felt better after eating something and enjoyed our day of exploring.




5 responses

11 05 2011

Watching & waiting in anticipation for updates J & K. Be safe!

12 05 2011

..glad to hear it is going so well and you have some to adjust before the rest of the group arrives. May your day tomorrow be splendid. Enjoy….

12 05 2011

Which one of the statues is Alonzo and which is Ken?
Did either fall over after the earthquake?

13 05 2011

Both Alonzo and K remain standing! Earthquake was no where near Madrid.

17 05 2011

Glad to hear you are all OK. Enjoy the sunshine ’cause we sure ain’t gettin any here!
Looking forward to your next message/adventure.

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