Impressions of Madrid

12 05 2011

We”ve enjoyed our day in Madrid.  When we first planned this trip I wondered if we were spending too much time before the Camino doing other things; I was impatient to begin walking.

Today was a pleasant surprise and we walked.  We had first planned a tourist bus trip, thinking we could see more of Madrid that way.  We looked at the map again and found a walking route of Madrid full of things to see.  It was an experience. Being a bit of a country bumpkin, I found the city full of people, full of sound and full of beautiful old buildings.

Our First Camino Shell

We saw our first shell on the outside of a hotel advertising they were Friends of the Camino.  We saw the inside of a most impressive building called the Palace of Communication which turned out to be a post office in days gone by and we saw the Palace of Crystal.  There was so much more to see, but for me, those were

The Palace of Communication--a rather classy post office

the highlights.

We’ve learned some things about Madrid and some things about the people who live there.

Smoking is far more prevalent in Madrid than in Canada.

No one walks around with their coffee, everyone seems content to drink it leisurely at a table at a cafe.

Tea in Madrid is terrible.  I may have to develop a taste for coffee in order to get my caffeine.

There are far fewer overweight people here, but I wonder which is worse, heart disease or lung cancer.

The Crystal Palace with a fountain and a pond/lake out front

Street beggars are to be found at every corner, some of them are quite aggresive.

Tomorrow we travel by train to Burgos and will set foot on the Camino.  We are starting early, with a 5:30 am wake up call.

The rest of the group is here, we’ve had dinner together, excitement level is high.




4 responses

12 05 2011

Did you feel the earthquake(s)?

12 05 2011

Not even a tickle

12 05 2011

Hi: If you go back to Madrid after the Camino, try to see the Prada. It’s a wonderful art gallery. Buon Camino

13 05 2011

I was odd lady out, drinking tea verde, while everyone else drank their cafe con leche!. Maybe give that a try.

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