A Wonderful Invention–the Bidet!

13 05 2011

I confess, I’ve never used a bidet.  At least that was true until today.  Now I can say I’ve used one–it’s makes an awesome laundry sink!  We’ve brought minimal

A fine laundry sink!

clothing with us, although lighter to carry, it means we have to wash out our clothes on a daily basis.  We’re still working out the best system.  So far it includes:

  • only washing out shirts, socks, underwear and bras, pants will have to wait until we have access to a real washing machine.
  • wash out clothing in soapy water.
  • rinse clothing in clear water.
  • wring clothes out as much as possible, K is better than I am at this, his hands are stronger.
  • wrap clothes in dry towel to further absorb water.
  • hang clothes in window using camping clothesline and a carefully counted out number of clothespins–there are no extras.
  • hope clothes will dry by morning.

So far, we’ve met with limited success.  The clothes are clean enough and we haven’t noticed anyone avoiding us because of the odour, but the clothes, especially the socks, are not always dry by morning.  Stay tuned as we fine tune our system




3 responses

13 05 2011

Wrap your clothes in a towel and then stand on it.

13 05 2011

Hola: We used to use hooks to dangle socks from the backpack. It works. The knickers we put in net bags first. Buon Camino

13 05 2011

Enjoying your side of this adventure!

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