All I Can Think About is My Feet, or, Learning to be Served

15 05 2011

Today is our second day of walking.  The walk seemed shorter, but, much more painful.  I’ve developed blisters.  There are a few small ones which a bit of moleskin for protection are not at all bothersome.  But there are two which cannot be ignored.  One on each of the tips of my baby toes.  One of the reasons for this is because my baby toe wants to sit under the next toe, essentially getting squished with every step.  The weight of the pack doesn’t help and I’m beating myself up for the weight I’ve put on in the last few years—it’s not helping either.

Beyond my feet, my ego is terribly bruised.  This is not supposed to happen to me.  There are others in the group for whom any kind of outdoor activity or even physical activity of any kind is a new and novel thing.  I’m the one who’s supposed to be in shape and physically fit.

Michel, our totally awesome tour guide, looking after my feet.

One of the things we’ve talked about on this trip is being a servant, how to help those in need.  I guess the reality is that in order to be a servant there must be someone to serve.  I’m learning to be that someone.

Thank you to our tour guide M, who was happy to show me a new way to treat blisters, who assured me they were relatively minor and that no one he’s ever had on a trip had to quit because of a blister.  Thank you also to J, who gave me her extra set of toe gels and assures me they’ll be an amazing help.  I am strengthened and assured to face tomorrow.

On topics other than feet, I’m thrilled to say K and I managed to claim the only double bed in the hostel!  We’ll ignore the fact there are 30 other people in the room!!!




4 responses

15 05 2011
Lisa B. Pot

But when the blister heals, your toes will be tough and ready for all the walking yet to come. Just sucks that so often we have to endure pain to get stronger. Looks like Ken is taking good care of you. Enjoy the double bed!!

15 05 2011

thinking about you……your feet and your heart!

16 05 2011

Are you wearing sock liners under your hiking socks and putting some sort of vaseline/ cream on your feet every morning to help with the friction? jbm

18 05 2011

Jayne, I really wish sock liners and cream would fix the issue. The big problem is the shape of my feet. My little toe wants to sit under the toe beside it. The weight of the backpack, and me, are causing them difficulty. Today’s trial is sandals with liner socks. The little toes are better, but the sandals are new and have caused a blister in a different spot. Oh well, I´m doing fine from the ankles up.

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