Moments that Matter

15 05 2011

Note: This post is arriving a day late, we did not have internet access yesterday.

Today was our first day walking on the Camino.   I was “itching” for it to begin.

In every day, in some way, there are moments that matter.  Today I was able to help one of our group.  It had been 25 years since she had to pee in anything but a toilet.  I gave her a lesson on how to do it, as gracefully as possible, with as little mess as possible.  I’ll leave the details to your imagination and don’t bother looking for a picture to illustrate it, but it was a moment that mattered.

Our Friendly Proprietor

We were somewhat faster than the rest of the group and pulled away from them shortly before lunch.  When we ready to stop for a break we found a café in a small village, not the most popular stop, we were the only ones there.  In spite of the language difficulty, the proprietor was very happy to see us.  Before we even ordered he gave us each a small pendant of the patron saint of the local church.

Dana, the Friend of Pilgrims

He introduced us to his dog Dana, and finally, made us a sandwich and poured us a bottle of juice. We really felt as if he was happy to serve us.  A moment that mattered.

We reached the hostel in mid afternoon.  We had our places reserved for us, so getting there quickly was not critical.  After a shower, we washed our clothes in the basins provided and hung them out.  There was an umbrella type clothesline behind a wall, not very obvious, that we stumbled upon by chance.  I shared this information with a Korean woman, who was thrilled to see it.  Who knew a clothesline could cause joy, for me and for her, but it was another moment that mattered.

It’s the end of the day, my feet hurt more than I expected them too, my legs hurt about as much I expected, and I’m praying I can sleep tonight in a room with 11 other people.  But it was a day full of moments that mattered.




One response

16 05 2011

…your blogs to us who remain in cool and rainy ontario…. are moments that matter!

may your feet be better today!

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