A New Day

17 05 2011

Yesterday was tough.  The company we are walking with, Spirit Tours, wants their pilgrims to experience as much of the Camino as possible.  So, we´ve spent the first three days walking the “mesata” or plains.  No trees, no people except in the villages, no livestock, just various shades of green.  As we were plodding along, we talked about how this is similar to life.  Day after day, seeming to just get by, a few hiccups like big hills and sore feet, a few joys, like a cold drink of water and a chocolate croissant.

After we crested the last rise, we began to wonder if this is what hell is like.  We could see the village where we were to stop for lunch, but as we came closer, it seemed to get further away.  At one point, we were in a valley, and couldn´t see it at all. My feet were getting more and more sore, our goal seemed to get further and further away.  Is hell, being able to see God but never getting close?

We finished our day by travelling by train to Leon, where we spent the night.  The day did not get better, our little computer is having some issues (we think the back light for the screen has burnt out), so we´re depending on internet access and other computers, there will be less pictures until we can figure out the problem.

I´ve also decided to buy some sandals, maybe with more space my toes will feel better, but the shoe store was closed when we got there.

We also had the worst meal of our trip so far, I´d like to forget it, so won´t provide details.

Today is a new day!  It is a rest day for us.  We travelled by bus to Ponferrada.  Before we got on the bus, I found new sandals.  I´m hoping my feet will love them!  We had a nice breakfast and a visit to a cathedral.  Things are looking up.




4 responses

17 05 2011

I look forward to your daily journal and it brings back so many memories of our trip. Have you left any stones along the path? Buon Camino

17 05 2011

Enjoying your adventure. Thank you for sharing.

17 05 2011

Now you are heading into the mountains. Beautiful scenery. us gals who have “been there, done that” highly recommend you buy some poles. Would love to be trekking along with you.

17 05 2011

Nice to hear you are “moving along” and are no longer obsessed with bathroom issues and details. Hope your feet and the meals get better and you have better days ahead. (Hell?) Is it that bad?

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