In Which I Introduce the Group

18 05 2011

We’re a week into our trip and I realise I haven’t introduced the people we are travelling with. A terrible oversight!

Michel, is our guide from Spirit Tours.  He was only able to be with us for one week and left us last night.  We will miss him, he’s so passionate about the Camino and he speaks Spanish!

Matthew, is the professor for the course.  He blew his achilles tendon about six weeks ago and is wearing an air cast.  Needless to say, he’s not walking much.  For the first week, he joined us in the evenings, the middle week he’s gone to visit friends in France and will join us again for the third week.

Sarah is the TA for the course.  She is now our leader, or at least the keeper of the money.  The Camino changes people and the most obvious change for her is a new and shorter hair style!

Janice and Bernice are best friends. They make friends easily with just about everyone they meet.  They love to chatter in Spanish and if they don’t know the right word, they make them up.  They’ll also have more pictures than the rest of us combined.

Cathy hosted us during our weekend in Montreal. Because we’ve spent more time with her, we feel we know her quite well.  She also seems to be managing, physically quite fine.

Liza completes the group of women.  We’re grateful she’s here as she speaks Spanish fluently.

John is the only other male walking this trip with us.  He obviously misses his partner, but we’re glad he’s brought his bits of technology to rescue us every now and again.

It will be interesting to see how the group dynamics change over the trip.




One response

18 05 2011

thanks for the intro of the others in your group….however small the group, it seems you have just enough talent and resources that you need….i hope the rain is gentle and does not hinder your progress or dampen your spirits…

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