The Ever Changing Camino

20 05 2011

This is our second evening with no internet access.  Technology is rather important to us, so we’re having a few withdrawal symptoms.  I am originally writing this with a borrowed pen in the front of a reading book.  My handwriting is atrocious.

We’ve completed our third day of walking since our rest day travelling from Leon to Ponferrada.  It’s interesting to see the changes in scenery and land use as we travel west.  In the Burgos area we saw lots of crop land but no livestock.  Our first day of walking after Ponferrada we walked through a wine-producing region, grain crops and livestock were minimal.

Today we climbed 600 metres over our 12 km walk.   This part of the country is so hilly, commercial crops don’t happen, but livestock such as sheep and cattle are pastured on the hills.  I enjoyed today’s walk more than any other day.  For a good part of it we were on a trail which reminded us of Bruce Trail except that it was unrelentingly uphill and surrounded by large hills, or mountains.  It was a little disconcerting to get to our destination village of O’Cebreira, emerging from the path, only to discover this is a tourist town complete with school groups and bus loads of seniors.  I felt like part of the tourist attraction  “Look, a pilgrim!”

The scenery outside our albergue is spectacular.  Any pictures we’ve taken will not do it justice, but we’ll try.  For the third day in a row, we’ve had great weather during the day with a thunderstorm and heavy rain to end our day.  We’re grateful for a dry place to sleep.




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