What Goes Up, Must Come Down

22 05 2011

In the last two days, we’ve travelled from O’Cebreira to Sarria.  It was quite a climb to O’Cebreira, which meant we had quite a down hill the next day, to Triacastele.  Down hill is quite a bit harder on my feet, blisters are still an issue and unfortunately, are putting a bit of a damper on my enjoyment of the journey.  Oh well, I refuse to dwell on it.

Much of the path in the last two days has been a bit rough, either up or down, this means I am spending a lot of time looking at my feet.  I feel I need to be careful where I put them, both so I won’t turn an ankle on a loose stone, or step on something protruding which will cause my tender toes additional pain.  Looking at my feet, I’m missing the scenery which surrounds me–hills, mountains, green, glimpses into the life of ordinary Spaniards.  I haven’t missed it all, but feel as if my gaze is often in the wrong place.

I’ve thought about the psalm (chapter and verse escapes me), which talks about looking at the hills from where help comes from.  If I’m looking at my feet, what does that say about me?  Besides the obvious, I know if I didn’t watch where I was going, it would be a quick trip down, and likely a broken bone or two.

We’re in Sarria now, and plan a rest day tomorrow.  There’s a castle to explore, but there will also be lots of opportunity to actually rest.




One response

22 05 2011

Galicia is beautiful….the stone lined path, overhead tree cover and lush foliage. Once you reach marker 100, Santiago is possible. Be positive, you can make it!

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