The Pseudo Pilgrim

24 05 2011

I must not judge! I must not judge! I must not judge!

This is my mantra for the day.

We knew when we left Sarria this morning, that the trip would change.  Sarria is the last major centre where people can start their pilgrimage and still be eligible for a certificate when they reach Santiago.  The rules say you  must walk 100 km.  Sarria is 110 km from Santiago.  There are first of all many more people on the road/path. The ones who have joined us are obvious.  None of them have sore feet–yet.  They are walking quickly.  They are noisy.  Many of them are not carrying backpacks and are obviously using the luggage transfer services. They seem impatient when they pass us.

The ones who bother me the most are the ones who act as if they own the Camino.  They pick flowers from private gardens.  They eat half-ripe cherry trees from farmer’s yards (I hope they get a stomach ache from them).  They carry nothing beyond a small day pack, if that.

The Camino itself has changed.  Prices at the cafes are more expensive.  Portions are smaller.  Dinner, which used to include a bottle of wine, now includes a glass.  This morning, our cola-cao (hot chocolate) was made with almost hot milk dispensed from a machine, instead of individually steamed, piping hot milk.

I have to remember everyone has their own way to do the Camino, and none is better than the other.

I must not judge! I must not judge!

Tonight we have a special treat.  We are staying in a “pension”.  Our room has a double bed, and a private bathroom.  Who knew a one star hotel could be so special!




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25 05 2011

Don’t let the fast walking “cheaters” get to you. Take your time and enjoy. Warning – keep in mind you are heading for the end of the world “Finisterre”. If you go to fast you might fall off!

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