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26 05 2011

We’re getting closer to the end of our trip.  Most of us in the group are looking forward to reaching the end of our “stroll in Spain”.

Yesterday was a tough day.  25 km. Hot sun.  We were glad to reach our albergue and be done for the day.

Today was easier. 15 km. Mild, almost cool temperatures.  Had enough energy left to wander through the town.

There were a few sights worth commenting on.  Remember how I said the Camino was getting busier.  A busier Camino makes for some interesting sights.

The man who chose to walk in his briefs.  I think they were his briefs, they might have been his swim suit.  In any case, they were droopy in the back.  I’m glad I didn’t have a front view.

The woman (without a pack) wearing her bra and shorts.  This was not a young woman, and not a particularly fit woman.  Yuck!

The man who is walking the Camino bare foot.  I’m totally amazed.

We’ve seen a few people on horseback heading to Santiago.  I’m afraid that today’s sight made me feel somewhat ill.  A large man, on an average size horse.  The man was wearing spurs, the horse’s side was bloody.  I’m OK with humans using animals, I’m not a vegetarian, but I really hate seeing animals mis-used.  We passed a farmer at about the same time, I could tell from the expression on his face, he was not amused either.

Tonight we are in another municipal albergue.  This means lots of people in a small space.  We have the privilege of sharing our immediate space with a group of 12 high school students.  One of their teachers is a young man from New Brunswick, spending a year teaching English as a second language.  We’ve suggested to him that he purchase some good ear plugs.  Tonight will be interesting.

We were, however, able to do a load of wash in a machine and even use a dryer, so almost everything is now clean and dry.  We take joy in the small things.




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26 05 2011

J & K: I look forward to each of your posts and am truly inspired by you both! Prayers for a safe journey, painless feet and restful evenings.

26 05 2011

J & K…. i too look forward to hearing what you two are doing everyday, and think about you during the day as well. you have taken on the challenge of this trip and this walk…….and you will complete this … nothing worthwhile come without some challenges and pain along the way….. makes you a more interesting and well rounded person………being refined…..
no one likes the pain and refining……but oh the glory and sense of accomplishment when it is done…. truly is worth it…and some day you will see and say that!
This journey is abit like life…….. ups and downs, gorgeous scenery and so not so nice looking stuff…… but its the getting to the end that keeps us going.

and jocelyn, know you alittle, if this walking trip was to easy… you would be searching for a trip that was more of a challenge for the next time….!
sending you love … to get you thru… the end.

27 05 2011

Thank you Fran and Catherine. This trip has been a lot more difficult than I expected, I appreciate your thoughts!

26 05 2011

sorry…. should read…
and Jocelyn, knowing you a little,……….. too easy……

29 05 2011

I’ve found the camino never leaves me. It was an amazing journey.

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