Rescue in the Night

29 05 2011

Crash! Thump! What happened?

I’m sure someone has fallen out of the top bunk.  I wake up (kind of) and don’t hear any groaning or cries for help, roll over and try to sleep again.  As I toss and turn, I notice a fellow pilgrim sitting in her bunk.  I doze off, but reawaken shortly after, my friend is still sitting in her bunk.

“Janice, are you OK?”

“I’ve lost my ladder”.

Huh?  How does someone lose their ladder?  I crawl out of bed, I’ve got a bottom bunk, and try to find her ladder.  It really is not attached to her bed.  A blinding light appears, actually just a flashlight, and I see a ladder on the floor.  It landed on some extra blankets and didn’t make a real loud noise when it hit the floor.  If it had, all 50 people in the room would have awoken.  I reattach the ladder.

“Oh, thank you!  I was trying to tell myself I didn’t have to go to the bathroom, but it wasn’t working”

Glad I could help.

This was our last night in a large albergue.  I was dreading the next night.  It had been described as “rustic”.  Did this mean cold showers and squat toilets?  I was pleasantly surprised to find a converted barn, beds with sheets!, clean towels, a lovely meal and a comfortable yard to spend the afternoon.  As an albergue it was awesome, but I’m not sorry to leave the albergue experience behind me.

(This was written a day later than I expected.  Rustic albergues have no internet access.)






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