We Put Down Our Packs

30 05 2011

We’ve reached Santiago.

It felt rather anti-climatic.  We veered off the path to drop our packs off in our rooms at the Hotel La Salle.  Our intention was to drop them off and finish the last few hundred metres of our walk, but the shower was too inviting and the bed called to us.

It was not until a few hours later, after we got our certificates saying we had completed our pilgrimage that it dawned on us–we don’t have to carry our packs any further.  We were finished.

One of the advantages of a group walk is some of the group things we can do together.  We had a wonderful meal, we had a birthday party, we shared a celebratory evening.  The highlight of our time together as a group came this morning, when we were able to share a service, including communion, with just our group in the crypt of St. James.  Before the church was open to the public, we were able to celebrate our pilgrimage, our time together, and the grace of God, in a place millions of Christians believe is one of the holiest.  It was an honour.

The last couple of days of walking were so long, and especially the last 5 km, so tedious.  We are grateful for having been able to finish, our feet our thankful too.  Not everyone was able to finish.  One of our group got sick on the second last day, another chose not to carry on, the professor was not able to start because of a basketball injury.  It only shows us how fragile our plans can be.

We are also thankful for the people we met along the way, conversation and support from other pilgrims is invaluable.

It was an experience we’ll never forget. There will be a few more blog posts yet, as we conclude our thoughts on the Camino.




3 responses

30 05 2011

congratulations! you did it. Yes, reaching the church seems like a let down when you realize you don’t have to walk anymore, but the whole experience is what really counts and you will find coming home a little hard to adjust back to “normal”. Will love to hear your stories and see your pics.

31 05 2011

Congratulations! It’s been interesting “walking along” and hearing about your experiences. Sounds like you’re ready for a rest.

2 06 2011

Well done! Glad you were able to complete the Camino.
Hope you feel fulfilled.

Now the Bruce Trail will be a piece of cake, eh?

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