The Omega and the Alpha

31 05 2011

The omega and the alpha.  Sounds backwards doesn’t it? We found this symbol (one of about a thousand or more) on the church and said “Hmm, that’s backwards”.  When you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense for pilgrims.

We’ve reached our omega, the end of our journey.  We must now look towards our alpha, the rest of our lives.

Did we find this a deeply spiritual journey? Not really.

Did we find the answers of what we should do with the rest of our lives? No.

Did we build a community, both with those of our group and others we walked with?  Definitely!

Did we have an adventure, feel part of history, have a few moments of insight and inspiration? Absolutely!

We ended our time in Santiago with a pilgrim mass.  Watching the censor swing back and forth, emitting clouds of smoke was an awesome sight.  Touring the cathedral filled our brains with more facts than we can possibly remember.  Looking at some of the books in the archive brought home the long history of the Camino. (Admittance to the archive was another perk of being part of a theology course.)

We left Santiago on an overnight train to Madrid.  It felt like a rolling albergue, but with the help of gravol, and ibuprofen I had a good sleep.

Today we transitioned to a different life as we spent time shopping in Madrid.  I’ll call the shopping trip a success since I’m not going home in the clothes I walked in!

Tomorrow we leave Madrid, fly to Newark, New Jersey, then on to Buffalo.  An overnight stay in a hotel, a drive to Toronto to pick up the dog and finally home.  I’m looking forward to it and hope everything goes smoothly.




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