2 06 2011

Yesterday, we traveled to Buffalo.  It was a long day.

An early breakfast in Madrid, a ride during rush hour on the Metro (Madrid’s subway system), and good-byes at the airport as we head to a different terminal.

Saying the final good-bye was difficult.  These were the people we had spent three weeks with; we had developed community.  They all live far enough away that keeping in contact with them requires an effort, whether or not it happens, they will always have a special place in my heart.

In our rush to pack, the jack knife which we carried for the last three weeks was dropped into our carry on bag.  Busted!!! The knife remains in Spain.

After nine hours in the airplane, a slower flight, and a long time circling because of busy air traffic, we emerge in Newark, New Jersey.  We had to go through customs, claim and recheck our packs and go through security.  Busted, again!!

I did not empty my pockets completely, and had some gravol in my back pocket.  An absolute no-no.  Resulted in a pat down (Yuck!) and my hands being swabbed.  I guess getting motion sick qualifies as a dangerous activity in the States.

We arrived in Buffalo about 9 pm (3 am Madrid time), and collapsed into bed.  Today we actually arrive home.




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