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2 08 2011

This blog is supposed to be about things that happen Beyond Donnybrook Line.  However, sometimes exciting and fun things do happen at home.  This is one of them.

For years we’ve struggled with what to do with the hot tub.  I love it.  Every time I sink into the warm water, I wonder why I don’t spend more time in the tub.  Every time I don’t go in the tub, I know why.

We live in a windy area, latches on hot tubs don’t work well and are awkward to use.  Removing several weights (gravel bags normally used for holding on bunker silo covers) is a pain.  In the winter there is often 3 feet of snow on top of the tub.  Who wants to shovel snow for 1/2 an hour, just to sit in the tub?

We’ve looked at every corner of the house, even considered the drive-in shed.  Where is the best place for this thing?

We made a decision, and in the last two weeks put our plan into action.  We dug up some lawn. Added sand, packed it well.  Jeff came and built us a roof; he did an excellent job.  We slugged patio slabs and fitted them in.  Finally, a trip to Canadian Tire for a “fire bowl” and some new chairs and lastly, with the help of our neighbour, John, we moved the hot tub.

We now have a lovely outdoor living space.  Hopefully the snow in the winter will be minimal and we will get more use from our tub!




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22 12 2011
The Christmas Letter | The Farmer goes to Seminary

[…] It’s really just a roof to cover our hot tub and an outside, covered, sitting area. The building itself was constructed by a local contractor. J and I put in the patio that is under and around it. It was very satisfying doing the manual […]

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