Ice-cream, anyone?

12 08 2011

We have not spent enough time on our bikes this year and we miss it.  Sure, we did the MS Ride a few weeks ago.  Ya, we often go for a spin early in the evening.  But long distance rides, just for the fun of it, not so much.  Today, in a small way, we changed that.

Our local township is sponsoring an ice-cream trail.  A marketing gimmick to get people to come visit the area, check out some retail establishments and maybe spend a little money at the same time.  I think it’s working.  Recently, a busload of women were featured in our local paper, on a road trip, doing the ice-cream trail.  Looks like fun, not a huge time commitment, don’t need to find a dog-sitter, what’s not to like.

Being the kind of people we are, we chose to do this on our bicycles.  First order of business was to choose a bicycle.  I was leaning towards the tandem; it’s fun to ride, I never get left behind and it’s a conversation starter.  We could have used the touring bikes, they have seen the least action this year and would do better on gravel than our road bikes.  K’s favourite bike is the road bike, light and fast, and with stopping at seven retail establishments during a single day we did not need to worry about bringing emergency supplies.  The road bikes won.

Since we planned to be out for lunch and because we didn’t want to be eating ice-cream too early in the day, we started our day gently and headed out about 8:30 am.  Straight to Huron’s west coast at Amberley (with a short stop to visit friends building a new retail outlet) and we snapped our first picture with Sammy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to buy ice-cream in order to be able to take a picture.  Seven ice-creams in one day would be a bit much.  We chose 3 places to eat ice-cream, giving us 3 kinds of ice-cream.  We also chose to eat small amounts, sharing the smallest serving each time.  I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten a lot of ice-cream and then tried to ride your bike, but in my experience, it just makes you feel ill.  This was an attempt to avoid the “yucky, I ate too much  and now my legs won’t work”  feeling.

We made our way through the route, sampling ice-cream from Kawartha Lakes (cookies and cream), Chapman’s (moose tracks) and Mapleton Organics (ginger).  Kawartha Lakes was the creamiest, Mapleton had the most interesting flavour.  Since we were sharing a serving, we took turns choosing the flavour and always chose a flavour that was not the favourite of either of us.

The Holyrood General Store deserves a special mention.  It’s in the middle of nowhere.  It is not at all impressive looking.  It has an eclectic mix of products–everything from flour to water bowl parts.  It’s a post office.  From the outside, I’d hesitate to go in…

But it serves the biggest ice-cream cones for the most reasonable price.  It’s quite famous locally and sells an amazing number of cones each season.  Sometimes the line-up is a dozen people long.  Most people order the small, few can even eat an entire large cone.

We finished the day at Grassroots and pedaled home.  115 km.

I admit to flagging somewhat at km 75, and needed to give myself a severe “talking-to”, but managed to finish the ride in fine form.

It was a good day.









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