The View from the Rear–Trial Run

23 05 2012

One of the challenges of any kind of trip where you are not using a motorized vehicle is deciding what to take and what to leave behind. And then packing it into a small amount of space.

We’re pretty good at deciding what is essential.  We’ve done enough cycling, canoeing, and hiking, (remember this?) to have figured it out.  But it seems every time we go on a trip the configuration of how to pack changes.

This time, instead of two bikes, a total of 8 pannier bags and 2 rear racks, we’ve got one bike and a trailer.  It didn’t take long to figure we needed a set of rear pannier bags.  It took us less than 5 km to decide we needed to do something different.  The trailer was too high and too unstable.  Part of the load got moved to the rear rack.

To every action there is a reaction, there was no good spot for the “rack bag”.  It was stacked on top of the sleeping pads for the short trip home, but as I write this, K is out attaching a set of front panniers.  Maybe putting some of the weight on the front will make the whole thing feel less wobbly.

Trouble is, there’s no more time for another test run.

From this….

….to this




2 responses

23 05 2012

Happy Trails! See you in Montreal!

24 05 2012
Lisa B. Pot

Enjoy? Is this a new bike?

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