The View from the Rear–the Places We Live

27 05 2012

It’s hard to believe we’ve completed 3 days of cycling (295 km).  From Frankford to Sydenham, to Perth, to Hull.  Each night we’ve stayed at very different places.   First we stayed with our daughter’s in-laws, the V’s are very hospitable people, in fact I think M could have a career as a B & B host.  It was a great place to start our trip, we know our vehicle will be safe and we were able to begin cycling feeling well rested.

A welcoming home and a comfortable bed.

Our second night, after a long first day (113km) of cycling was quite different.  We pulled into the Glen-lor Lodge, near Sydenham where we were told he’d let us have a campsite since we didn’t look like we’d “cause trouble”.  Our campsite was in a field, which obviously put out some of the seasonal campers–they liked to drive through our campsite.  Our washroom facilities were filthy, the shower didn’t drain properly, the toilet stall was dark and dingy, the picnic table was almost rotted through.  It was as bad as the worst albergue we stayed in last May, but the people were not as friendly.  All this for the mere price of $42.

The next night, #3, was completely different.  A municipal park, a clean bathroom, laundry facilities, close to town–grocery stores and restaurants, friendly staff, interesting co-campers, even other tandem riders!  Still a tent but completely different.  And only 1/2 the price at $22.

Camping under a willow tree.

Tonight, a world of luxury!  A hotel!  I’m writing this while stretched out on a bed that is bigger than our tent.  A private bathroom with fluffy towels and interesting places to eat just a short walk away in the Byward market.  We won’t talk about the cost.

A bed that is bigger than our tent!




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