The View from the Rear–Ambushed!!

30 05 2012

Day 5 of this trip (Tuesday, May 29) will be remembered as the low point of this trip.  At least I hope it’s the low point, or I’m giving up and taking a train back to our start point.

It started out well, it stormed the night before but we dry and under cover in our hotel in Montebello.  The wind was a bit brisk and they were calling for thunderstorms, but we pedalled well and got to Oka in decent time.  We arrived at the grocery store about the same time as the rain, so we took our time choosing supper for the evening.  A quick internet search using K’s blackberry confirmed there were no other choices of places to stay so we headed to the park.

Oka National Park is only a national park in that Quebec thinks of themselves as a separate nation.  Think provincial park.  It’s a fine park.  Friendly staff.  Decent campsites. Clean bathrooms.  Same price as an Ontario provincial park. 

We arrive, register for a campsite, set up our tent and manage to cover the rest of our belongings with a waterproof cover before the storm hit.  We lie in our tent, reading and dozing, and congratulating ourselfves on getting set up before the rain.  But wait….what is that noise?  Sounds like a racoon but it’s still daylight, don’t they usually raid at night?  When I stuck my head out the door of the tent, there he was, bold as brass, in our food bag.  Our steak was gone, our bread was gone. 

We repackaged our remaining food and headed for the showers.  Another shock, these showers are coin operated.  Back to the campsite for quarters.  Do you think 4 minutes is long enough? (At a cost of $1)  Thought we’d share a shower but the handicapped washrrom was locked.

Being from southwestern Ontario, we assumed “c” on a shower control means cold.  Let’s turn the control to “h” and wait forever for the water to heat–never happened.  4 minutes of cold shower is long enough.  It didn’t occur to us until the next day, in Quebec, “c” is chaud or hot.

Returning to our campsite we find the coon and his friends in our food again.  This time they’ve eaten 1/2 of our energy bars, 1/2 of our sugar, all of our peanuts, some of our hot chocolate.  they’ve left us with a beat up package of noodles, our fresh vegetables, some energy bars, some nuts and thank goodness, they didn’t find the chocolate.

It also started to rain again, so we packed up our remaining food and headed for shelter under a canopy at the beach.  Our supper entertainment was watching the coons go in and out of garbage cans foraging for food. We put most of our stuff right beside the tent and spent the night kicking at them as they tried, unsuccessfully, to get to our remaining food.

The only thing getting me through, is the thought that tomorrow night will be better!




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31 05 2012

O boy. You should have brought a gun!
Hopefully the weather will clear up for.

31 05 2012

A gun would have been too heavy, and these coons were likely smart enough to use it on us.

31 05 2012
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