The View from the Rear–Triumphant!!!

4 06 2012

We’ve finished our ride.  1000 km in 10 days.

The day after our century ride was probably the toughest day for me.  In the fitness world, we talk about “rest days”, the day after a tough workout in which you, well, rest.  It gives your muscles a chance to recover, and is one of the things personal trainers teach their clients from day one.  Well, we broke that very basic rule–no rest day for us…not even an easy day.  The weather again looked rather “iffy” and we actually cycled part of the day in the rain, so again, we chose a hotel rather than a campsite.  This meant staying in Kingston, not quite as far as we had planned.

The last day was much like the day before, muscles were a little more co-operative, but again we spent part of the day cycling in the rain.  We really appreciated our tea and butter tart break in the middle of the morning.

Tea and Buttertarts. How civilized!

We stopped for our last break at a MacDonald’s in a Walmart in Belleville, only 15 km from our final destination.  We overcame the temptation to make a phone call (G, come get us!!) and arrived at our final destination around 4:30.

Tired, dirty, beyond saddle sore, but riding a wave of adrenaline…we did it!




2 responses

4 06 2012
Matthew Anderson

Congratulations you two! What a great thing to have done. Tandem is a living metaphor for you both.

4 06 2012

Wow! You are an inspiration. Congratulations.

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