22 05 2013

We are heading to a new adventure! In 36 hours we  will be at the airport waiting for our flight to begin boarding. This time we are going to Ireland, for most a month. Since it’s definitely “beyond donnybrook” I’m aiming to post regularly about our trip. I will confess, technology may defeat me, typing on an iPad is not fun or fast and apple products don’t like talking to Samsung cameras/phones.

After our tandem trip last year,  we did buy a new bike. Since Christmas we have been getting to know our new ride and a sweet one she is!

The new tandem. She needs a name. Any thoughts?

The new tandem. She needs a name. Any thoughts?

We often choose adventures which require us to pay a lot of attention to packing and this one is no different. Even though we upgraded our flights to allow for more luggage weight, packing has caused the most anxiety in getting ready for this trip. The bike takes up half of our luggage allowance. The remaining 72 lbs must include various bits of biking gear (including pedals, water cages, racks, panniers, helmets, cycling shoes) and clothing for both a bus tour and a bicycle tour. And, of course, the various bits of technology we can not do without.

68 lbs! Should be OK.

68 lbs! Should be OK. Yes, the bike is in the box!

One more sleep!





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22 05 2013

I think you should call your bike Flicka!

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