24 05 2013

Traveling is a little bit like weddings. Unless the couple is really close to you, and even if they are, you tend to remember the disasters. The power outages, the difficulty finding taxis, the people who get lost, the bad weather, the person who faints. The wedding that goes off without a hitch fades in your memory. So far, this trip, getting from point A to point B, will not be remembered.

We met J & M and handed them our dog without a hitch. There was no line up at the AirTransat counter for “option plus” customers. The ticket person didn’t seem to care what our luggage weighed. There was no line at security, we had time for supper, we were in the group that boarded first, our luggage arrived when we did (including the bike), we found a bank machine and a place to buy an international SIM card for the phone. We found a bus to take us to Galway and a taxi to take us to our B&B.

Sleeping on the bus. I'm sure I must be drooling.

Sleeping on the bus. I’m sure I must be drooling.

We even managed to put our bike together in under an hour!

Less than an hour!

Less than an hour!

A rather unremarkable day. Just the way it should be!




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