Tumbles and Technology

25 05 2013

Unlike yesterday, this day will be remembered.

We had a lovely breakfast, met with Wilma, our tour contact and set off on our day about 10 am. A couple of km’s down the road we thought a couple of things should be adjusted and we should check our map. We pulled over, or tried to. The bike didn’t like the idea and we found ourselves sprawled over a sidewalk in Galway. The bike is not damaged. The captain is fine. The stoker is a little scraped and is ignoring a sore shoulder. Ibuprofen for an evening snack tonight!

Just a little scraped!

Just a little scraped!

This first day we’re still getting used to the roads and the maps; we’re depending a great deal on the GPS on my phone. Remember how smoothly getting a new SIM card was yesterday? Today, for some reason, halfway through the ride, it locked. Locked to the point I couldn’t even use the camera on the phone.

The SIM card came with an unlocking code, but never having experienced a phone that locked, decided I wouldn’t need it and packed it in my suitcase, giving my suitcase to Wilma. Fortunately, Wilma is an excellent tour person and was willing to find the card and email the codes to me. The phone is working again!

Monastic ruins. At least Ken's iPad was working.

Monastic ruins. At least Ken’s iPad was working.

This was an 80 km day, long enough for the first day. It’s quite cool here and for the last 40 km it drizzled. But after leaving the city we were on quiet back roads with polite vehicle drivers. And at the end of the day we arrived at our B&B. Claudia, you would drool!






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26 05 2013
c brown

Be safe Jocelyn and Ken!

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