28 05 2013

As we sat at the breakfast table, I was filled with a sense of dread. It was raining. We knew we had to take a detour for some bike repair. At best, it was over 60 km to our next B&B . How much cold and wet could I take?

We waited for the rain to slow and set off for Kilrush. Miraculously, the predicted rain held off. Kilrush was not on itinerary, in fact it was in the wrong direction. But the repair job Filan helped us with was not perfect, the bike was not shifting well and the chain was too short to use all of the gears. We set off looking for Clancy, in nearby Kilrush.

When we arrived in Kilrush, we asked a gentleman where Clancy’s was. He told us, but also said he could help us if Clancy could not. Having no loyalty to anyone in this town, we asked him to help us get our bike fixed. I’m sure he was heaven sent. Turns out Michael was the owner of the rival bike shop (and hardware store).  He introduced us to his mechanic, Martin, his son Paul (a local historian) and his wife Mary. We had to wait a couple of hours for the chain to be replaced and Michael insisted we borrow a copy of the local walking tour (written by Paul!).

Martin, the mechanic

Martin, the mechanic

We enjoyed our time in Kilrush. Michael, Mary, Paul and Martin, made our day and I think we made theirs! Mutual photos were snapped and we were on our way.

Paul, one of the Gleeson family.

Paul, one of the Gleeson family.

The rest of the ride was relatively uneventful. The wind was strong, there were some hills to deal with, it’s still cold, but we made it safely to the Wild Honey Inn. It did not rain and we did not fall off our bike.

Who says water bottle holders should be used for water. Cookies fit just fine!

Who says water bottle holders should be used for water. Cookies fit just fine!

Supper was totally tasty–lamb for Ken and three kinds of smoked fish for me, with stout ice-cream for dessert.

We will sleep well to night!




2 responses

28 05 2013

It sure is an adventure! Hope it will warm up soon.

28 05 2013
Cathy Valenti

Could the folks there be any nicer??

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