For Your Comfort

30 05 2013

I knew I might not have a great day when I saw this….

Uh-oh! Really small. : (

Uh-oh! Really small. : (

But let me back up a couple of steps.  Our plan for the next two days was to travel to Inishmore, the largest of the Aran Islands by ferry, cycle around the island, spend the night on the island, the next day take the ferry back and then cycle about 50 km to our next B&B.

We knew this was ambitious and when we found out how long the ferry trip would be figured it was almost impossible. Turns out that in order to get to Inishmore you must stop at Innishsheer, the smallest island. It would be 4:30 pm before we would get to Inishmore. Didn’t give us much time to explore but even though it is the biggest of the islands it’s rather small. The bigger issue was the next day, it was going to be about 2 pm before we would get back to the mainland. Visions of a bus tomorrow began to dance in our heads.

We bravely boarded the ferry, the staff and crew were so helpful! I’ve done ferries before. Usually the trip is short enough or the water calm enough or the boat large enough that I am just fine. Today I was not.

“For your comfort, if you are feeling ill, please take a bag”.

By the time we got to the first island, there was no way I was going further. imagePlans changed again. We headed back to the mainland later in the afternoon and found a hotel room in Doolin. Again, I was grateful to be on solid ground.

Inishsheer was beautiful and we enjoyed our day on the island, not much cycling (less than 20km), we again met wonderful people, the tea shop woman who grew up in Wisconsin and followed  her man to the Aran Islands and the young couple who made an excellent suggestion of where to stay and eat in Doolin.

Beautiful Innisheer!

Beautiful Innisheer!

We’re going to ignore the fact that we’ve paid twice for tonight’s lodging, and disappointed a B&B host on Innishmore. Tomorrow, we’re set for another day of cycling.




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