Croi Tour de Lough Corrib

2 06 2013

Today we were not tourists. Instead we joined other Irish cyclists for a charity ride.image

When we were planning our cycling holiday and exploring cycling possibilities in Ireland, Ken came across this ride. With only minor adjustments, it fit into our trip. This gave us a chance to meet some Irish people who share our love of cycling, it gave us an opportunity for a different kind of ride, and it reminded us that life does not revolve around us.

This ride was a fundraiser for the Croi, the Irish Heart and Stroke Foundation. About 1000 riders gathered early Sunday morning, most planning to do a 30 mile (50 km) out and back ride. A smaller group planned to do a 75 mile or 120 km ride around Lough (Lake) Corrib.

Guess which group we were in?image

Yep, the group doing the longer ride! We set out, the only tandem among all of the bicycles, proudly wearing our Canadian jerseys. It was a fast ride, of course it had rest stops with food but bathroom facilities were minimal. It was rather funny to see some of the men stop for a pee break; they did stop, but relieved themselves while still straddling their bike. I, on the other hand, at least climbed a gate and found a private bit of pasture field.

The final rest stop was the most awesome, with homemade baked goods, including brownies and carrot cake.

The tandem was a novelty and so were the Canadians. We had lots of conversations with many people, sometimes about the bike, sometimes about the country.image

We finished the ride about 2:30pm. After a warm shower we walked into the centre of Galway. We explored more of the historic sites (part of the original city wall has been incorporated into a shopping mall!), found some supper and are now in our room, totally exhausted.image

We will sleep well tonight!




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