Sensory Overload

4 06 2013

A wonderful thing happened today. The sun shone, all day, not even a spit of rain! The comment from this morning’s host was “I feel like I’m in Spain, the sun is shining at breakfast time”. For the first time we took off our long pants and cycled in our shorts I even have the sunburn stripe to prove it–you know the one, the stripe of sunburn you get when you try to avoid getting sunscreen on your clothes and miss a bit of skin.

Our day included a bit of Irish politics and history when we stopped at Pearse’s cottage. I didn’t realize that Ireland is not even part of the British Commonwealth. But Northern Ireland is still part of Britain.image

We cycled on the bog road and watched workers cutting peat.  Peat can be recut in about 15 years, but you need to be licensed to sell it. We learned this when we stopped to talk to one of the peat cutters.image

The scenery was spectacular, again our camera does not do justice, but we tried anyway.

Our view during our lunch break!

Our view during our lunch break!

Another lovely B&B and another load of laundry paid for, this time with delivery service included!

The Seamist House

The Seamist House

So far, we have cycled almost 700 km in Ireland. I will confess to having a sore bottom.




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