7 06 2013

As we enter the shed at tonight’s B&B, I could not help but smile. The first thing I saw were our suitcases! We have arrived at our final destination of the cycling part of our Irish adventure. We are spending two nights in Westport, before taking a train to Dublin.

The scenery changed while we were riding today, we left the mountains and entered a more agricultural area. Ireland has been hit hard by the economic downturn of the last few years. We see it in the signs trying to sell unfinished houses, we hear it in the story of the construction worker who hasn’t worked for four years and only has some farm income to keep going, we notice it the village storefronts that sit empty. It’s even obvious when looking at the local paper–there are very few jobs advertised.

We share the road!

We share the road!

We were reminded of a time when things were much worse in Ireland. We stopped at a roadside monument to those who died in the potato famine of 1845-1849. In honour of those who died and for the respect of food, we stopped and ate an apple beside this stone.image

Our second reminder was a memorial to the same famine–a coffin ship. If you stayed you died of starvation. If you left, chances were good you would not make it across the Atlantic.image

Tomorrow’s plan includes a little more riding.  And picking up another load of clean laundry!image

Tonight, I thoroughly enjoyed wearing a different set of clothing. Yeah! For suitcases!




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