Endings and Beginnings

8 06 2013

We have packed up the bike, the cycling part of our vacation is over.

From this...

From this…

...to this!

…to this!

Although the original plan was to spend the day cycling around Westport, we spent very little time on the bicycle. First we got side tracked by exploring another old house. This one is owned by the Browne family, he is the Marquis of  Sligo.image

Back in the 50’s, when economics  changed, Jeremy Browne realized something had to be done. He opened up his ancestral home to the public and built a variety of family based activities on the estate. Think zip lining, swan paddle boats, paint ball, water slide, and various other things we couldn’t identify. The barn yard has been converted to a camping area, the barn into a tea shop, gift shop and ticket office.

It seems to have been a somewhat strange decision to make, but it has allowed the house to be preserved and it does contain a great deal of history. Mr. Browne had yet another challenge, the family trust was to be passed on to his eldest son. However with five daughters and no sons, for many years it looked like the estate would be passed on to a more distant relative. It took an act of parliament to change the rules and allow his daughters to inherit.

We did try a short cycle ride on the greenway. It didn’t work well for us, there are too many barriers to go around, but it’s a great option for families.

This night is somewhat bittersweet. We’re sad our bicycle tour is over, but excited for the days ahead.




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