A Different Culture

10 06 2013

I know we are not at home. We are not in Canada and now we are not even in a rural place. On Sunday we headed towards a more urban place, the city of Dublin.

We don’t travel by train when we’re at home, it’s not accessible and somewhat expensive, but we usually enjoy trains when we travel in other parts of the world. They’re comfortable, quiet, stress free and fast. The train to Dublin was all of those things, but we really noticed the relaxed attitude toward to alcohol in Ireland compared to home. We shared a train car with a stag party that apparently had continued all weekend. It was loud, copious amounts of alcohol were consumed, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when these young men left the train. There was no way I was going to use the train’s bathroom, I can only imagine how horrible it would have been sharing the facilities with a bunch of drunk men trying to pee in a moving vehicle.

The mess, some of it, left behind!

The mess, some of it, left behind!

We were also reminded that we are in a crowded urban centre. Hoping neither of us will be a victim!



PS Internet access in this hotel is sketchy at best, posts may be a bit random for the next couple of days.




One response

10 06 2013

As long as we get some sort of note once in a while that you’re still ok, that’ll do. Have a great tour and group reunion!

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