High Holy Crosses

13 06 2013

Yesterday, we left Dublin and began our search for high holy crosses. Surprisingly, it is a bit of a search.  Somehow, Ken and I have managed to find ourselves on another adventure that is not quite mainstream. Even the bus driver has admitted he’s never driven for a tour quite like this one. The crosses are not popular tourist sites, can not be found using GPS and are accessed by roads as narrow as the ones we cycled on.

But they are truly impressive and really old, well over 1000 years old.image

imageimageBetween yesterday and today, Wednesday and Thursday, we have seen 5 crosses in 3 places. We also visited a monastery, toured Cashel Rock, and found time to consume some Guiness, cider and several good meals.

We are learning to adjust to the schedule of a bus tour. Being able to talk to other people is great, we’re enjoying the renewal of old friendships and the beginnings of new ones. But, having to wake to an alarm and wait for the group is very different.

We’ve been gone for three weeks now, even though there is much to see and do in the next week, I look forward to home.




One response

13 06 2013
walt taylor

Hey. Looks like you folks are getting some culture! Linda and I enjoyed a similar bus tour in Ireland in 2010. Be safe.

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