Wait Five Minutes

14 06 2013

People in Ireland will tell you if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes because it will change. They lie. The weather today has been particularly frightful. It rained the entire day, sometimes a gentle rain, sometimes a hard rain, usually windy, always cold.

Our plan for the day was to tour the Dingle Peninsula, an area of Ireland with amazing views and some really interesting history. Being good sports, the group set out in high spirits–a bit of rain isn’t going to stop us! We picked up our guide in the village of Dingle and began our tour. our first stop was at some markers where we learned to read ancient Gaelic. We explored a promontory fort, a safe place for a family and their livestock. Our raincoats kept the top half of us dry but did nothing for our legs, by this time we are soaked. Fortunately, beehive huts and ring forts can be seen from the bus.

We then pretend to see some marvellous ocean/island views through the mist, but are far more interested in soup and tea for lunch!

After reluctantly leaving the relative warmth of the cafe, we stop at yet another site. The 700 year old church is a marvel of engineering and amazingly water tight. The walk to the site made up for the dry church, we waded through a river to get there. I was very grateful for the rubber boots I borrowed. Because my feet were dry, Ken did not have to share the hair dryer to dry out his shoes.

By mutual consent, the group skipped the last historical site and instead of  exploring the town of Dingle we came back to our guesthouse early for more hot tea, dry clothes and a warm bath.

There is only picture which can describe this day. Yes, this man (Gary), is indeed wringing out his socks!image




One response

21 06 2013
Gary Parker

It took two days to dry out my shoes. Gary

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