Saints, Scholars and Scoundrels

20 06 2013

I am sitting coffee shop in Dublin, it’s our last full day in Ireland. The rest of our group left this morning, we were up early this morning to say good-bye. We will miss them but I am determined to enjoy the last day of our trip. The coffee shop is necessary, the Internet access in our hotel totally sucks!!

In the last three days, we’ve spent a lot more time with those who are long dead. Our search for holy crosses tends to take us to cemeteries. Always interesting, sometimes inspiring and I confess I’ve seen enough of them. This one is my favourite. imagePartly because the church it is in is being so lovingly renovated by local residents and is obviously very much treasured by them. Partly because it’s in such an out of the way place, we had to ask directions twice. It’s not often that a group of “tourists” can find something our driver had never seen before! We owe a huge thank you to our bus driver, Owen. He was so patient with his Canadians. I’m sure he feared for the health and safety of his bus more than once.

I very much enjoyed the Cliffs of Moher. Even though it is a definite tourist destination they are so large they could dwarf an almost infinite number of people. 214 meters of amazing!image

Our last official stop was at Newgrange (sp?). A popular tourist spot, but they do good job of controlling numbers. Only supervised tours and limited numbers allowed. We actually went inside the tomb. I managed to suppress my claustrophobia and I’m so glad I did. Carbon dating puts this tomb at 5200 BC. The Irish are proud of the fact that this is older than the pyramids.image

As I reflect on this trip, there is one thing I know for sure…NO MORE HOSTELS! (I’d rather sleep in a tent and use a thunder box!)




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20 06 2013

I will miss your running commentary. It brought back wonderful memories of Elwin’s and my trip to Ireland.

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