20 05 2014

Anybody who knows me, knows I love chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, with nuts or without, rarely do I go past the candy aisle without picking up some of my favourite treat. While cycling, and burning up more calories than usual, my go-to food is chocolate.

Today we finished our second day on the Natchez Trace. We left the parkway at mile #103 and cycled a few more miles to get to a campground. Last night’s campground was a free, right on the Parkway campground, but sadly, no hot water and no showers.  Convenient? Absolutely. Luxurious? Absolutely not! Today’s shower felt like a real luxury and a huge relief.

It’s quite warm in this part of the world, but after the long, hard winter, followed by the cold, wet spring we’ve had in our part of Ontario, I refuse to complain. Instead, let me show you the new way I’ve learned to eat chocolate. This is only possible because of the well sealed, plastic packaging this chocolate bar came in.

First, rather unwisely, purchase a chocolate bar to eat later. Ignore the fact that it’s 30* C outside.

Totally melted? Not a problem! 


Cut the corner off, and suck as much of the creamy goodness as you can into your mouth. Share if you wish.


Carefully pull the wrapper apart, ignore the fact that it looks a little like what you might find in a diaper. Use a spoon to scrape up as much as you can.


Finally, lick the rest of it.


For the rest of the trip, chocolate will be eaten immediately!




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21 05 2014
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