The Rhythm

21 05 2014

As we were cycling along today, I was struck by how quickly we fall into “the rhythm”.  In many ways it’s the same rhythm we experienced on the Camino.  Life becomes simple, your needs become very basic. What shall we eat? When shall we take a break? Do we have enough water? Should we camp or stay at a hotel? The biggest frustration is keeping the phone charged!




Today we finished day 3. We left the Parkway at mile marker 160. Today’s ride was 104 km, the longest so far. One of my worries before we started was the fact that we had little time to get our cycling legs back in shape before we left. Our spring weather just didn’t encourage us to do much riding. Well, our legs are fine, other parts of our bodies, maybe not so fine. One of the rules of tandem riding is to communicate; the request to “coast for a bum shift” happened more and more frequently!



We are not purists. We had the option of camping at a cycle only campsite (which means no showers), or staying at an Ecoco-Lodge. Showers, laundry and a real bed won!Image




2 responses

22 05 2014
Gilbert VandenHeuvel

HI Guys: I’ve used a solar panel to charge my phone. it’s a flexible one that you could hang on your cart. Google “bushnell powersync solar wrap” and you’ll see what I mean. I have the same problem when I’m bike camping and this is a good solution.

22 05 2014

We have one of those too. Not a flexible one, but we do mount it on our trailer. It takes about eight hours to charge and does not charge things when it is charging. We’re thinking about maaking a change.

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