Basic Arithmetic

22 05 2014

Some time ago my oldest daughter told me that mathematics begins where arithmetic stops, the point where you no longer use numbers, but use letters. This post is about the numbers.

We have planned 8 days to cycle the Natchez Trace Parkway. We have used 4 of them. The Parkway is 445 miles long. We should be at mile marker 220-225. We are not. When we return to the Parkway in the morning we will be at mile marker 200. Clearly, the we will have to work harder, and go further each day during the second half of our trip. I’ve been doing my best not to worry about it; instead we’ve enjoyed this day.

Because we were travelling a shorter distance today, about 45 miles, we felt we could dawdle. At a place called French Camp, a small village within sight of the Parkway, we stumbled into a non-tourist building. There we met an ex-pat Canadian who was happy to share with the work the French Camp Academy is doing with troubled kids; the resident baker was happy to share with us the treat he had made for the staff! Guess I’ll be trying to make a sausage stuffed bread when I get home!

It was too early for lunch, instead we had more iced tea than I could possibly drink (I don’t even like iced tea, but no one was drinking it hot!) and some Mississippi Mud Pie with ice-cream.
Deciding where to stay this evening was a bit challenging. Campsites were either too close or too far away. The less expensive motel we thought was an option had it’s phone disconnected. We felt forced to travel off the Parkway, to a B&B in the small town of Eupora. It’s turned into a real hardship!
There’s only one restaurant in this town, but it served a good meal with enough meat to feed both of us for two days. Guess it balances out the sugar!

We are in heart of Southern Baptist country. The waitress just laughed when Ken was looking for beer on the menu.




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