We’ve Finished!

26 05 2014

It’s Monday night of the Memorial Day weekend and we have reached our goal of cycling the Natchez Trace Parkway. Wi-fi and Internet access were very limited on the Parkway; I’ve been unable to do any blogging in the last few days.

Our accommodation went from the best to the worst over night. From our lovely B&B, we cycled to a bike only campsite at Colpert Ferry. Everyone who uses one of these realizes the services are limited, but in this case it was even less than expected. The washroom was under construction and the facilities were unavailable. The nearest place to pee was about 1 1/2 miles down a steep hill. Or the bushes. We chose the bush.

Fortunately, when we crossed the “no trepassing” sign into the construction zone the water fountain was working and we were able to get drinking water.

It felt very isolated, there were no other long distance cyclists and the area officially closes at sunset. Ken felt rather vulnerable, especially when the wildlife started making rustling noises in the night. Mostly, I slept.

We had a guest, do you see the mouse in the corner of our trailer?

We had a guest, do you see the mouse in the corner of our trailer?

The next might we camped again, at one of the camp grounds along the Parkway. This was a campground where anyone could camp and the washrooms facilities were working. A second night without a shower was not our favourite situation, I warmed some water on my camp stove and insisted we both have a sponge bath and wash our hair. We both felt a little more human after that.

Last step in the sponge bath, washing the feet!

Last step in the sponge bath, washing the feet!

Our last day, neither of us slept well, so we were ready to leave by 8 am. We had thought of splitting the day into two days and spending another luxurious night at a B&B near to the end of the Parkway. But with the poor phone access, we could not make any arrangements for a place to staying we decided to suck it up and finish the ride.

In the last 24 hours of the ride we met more cyclists than we did the entire week before. It made our last day of riding a little more fun.

Did I mention the hills? The second half of the trip was much more hilly. Coupled with more miles, we worked much harder. Sometimes with the help of anti-inflammatories to keep the ouchies down to a manageable level.

Drugs are good!

Drugs are good!

After a shower and a visit at our warm showers host, we’ve headed into Nashville, planning to be more typical tourists for a day, before heading home.




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