Making it Official

13 04 2015

It’s Monday morning,  the 13th of April and I feel like I’m about to pass the point of no return.  By making this public and sharing it with the world,  we can no longer change our minds.

This is the year we’re taking 3 months and cycling across the country.  Starting in Vancouver and ending in Halifax.  Just the two us.  On our tandem.  Pulling a trailer with camping gear.

We’ve been planning this for several months and dreaming about it for years,  but this is the summer it’s going to happen. The last piece of the puzzle fell into place this past weekend and we’re finally ready to share.

Stay tuned for details!  Departure date: May 15.




3 responses

13 04 2015

Congratulations you two! It sounds like a fabulous trip! Glad you’re going west to east though….

13 04 2015


There’s a reason for going west to east. Here’s hoping the wind will always be on our back, at least some/most of the time. I checked the dates you’re planning to be walking this summer and I think we’re going to miss you, we’ll likely be passing through Montreal when you’re in SK.

We’ve got to connect way and another time.

14 04 2015

Yup. Knew that about the wind (you can’t grow up in SK and not know about prevailing westerlies!) Sorry to hear that we may not connect. But let’s do that soon!

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