Planning, Planning and more Planning

21 04 2015

Screenshot_2015-04-21-10-37-45The weather in our part of Ontario has not been good for cycling.  A long,  cold winter seems to never go away.  In fact there’s snow in the forecast this week.  If it’s not snowing the wind has been fierce, there’s a reason why dozens of wind turbines are appearing in Huron County.

Since we haven’t been spending a lot of time in the saddle, we’ve had time to plan. Our conversation often goes like this: here’s the plan for the day, but if that doesn’t work we’ll do this, but maybe we’ll do that.

We have a tentative route mapped out.  If everything goes according to plan and we never took a rest day it would take us 65 days and about 7500 km. We have 85-90 days,  depending on how you count days on the calendar.  We can take rest days,  we can stay dry if it’s pouring rain, we can handle a mechanical breakdown.

As long as I only look at one day at a time,  I know we can do this.  I start to doubt when I look at the entire trip, and have to remind myself that we are not crossing the mountains in one day, we do not have to camp every night, we will shower, we will eat well. I remember the other trips we have taken,  the rhythm you eventually get into.  The “do-able-ness” of challenges we set for ourselves.

24 days to flight time.




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