Decisions, Decisions and a Minor Set-back

27 04 2015

When ever we plan a trip,  there’s always the question of what stuff do we bring. It’s a juggling act between weight and comfort. What do we need,? vs What do we want?

Our camping gear is coming with us.  There are enough places along the route where choices of places to stay are limited that we’ll feel better if we’ve got our tent and sleeping bags with us.  It also gives us more options if we’re not trying to get somewhere because we’ve reserved a room.

We’ve also decided we’re taking both our trailer and a set of rear pannier bags. We can pack everything in the trailer,  but if our clothes are in the panniers it will make life simpler when we do go to a hotel or B&B. This could be dangerous–it’s always tempting to fill all the available space!

The packing begins.

The packing begins.

One of the things we will miss is our big fluffy bath towels. After some discussion, sadly, we’ll leave them behind.  Luxurious they may be,  but they’re bulky and slow to dry. We’ll make do with our pack towels, even though they remind us of oversized     j-cloths.

I like to cook,  I even like to cook when I’m camping.  Several years ago,  I bought an outback oven, so I could bake.  Apple crisp,  brownies, cookies, biscuits and coffee cakes have all magically appeared from under the lid of this somewhat strange piece of camping gear.  Do I take it with me?

The strange looking bits of my outback oven.

The strange looking bits of my outback oven.

Fresh,  home baked cookies are particularly wonderful at the end of a hard day. The smell of cinnamon, early in the morning, while the coffee cake bakes, starts any day with the promise of new and wonderful adventures.

But,  we’re never far from a grocery store where we can purchase tasty treats. We’re likely to stop at every small town bakery we see and we’re no stranger to coffee shops. Then there is the issue of how much food do we want to carry with us.

The final decision will likely be made 20 minutes before we walk out the door!

The minor set-back.  Last Thursday,  Ken and I moved some furniture which was, in hindsight, too heavy for me.  I woke up Friday with a stiff neck. It was sore enough on Saturday I went to the ER–I was prescribed Tylenol.  Sunday,  I stayed home from church.  Today,  Monday,  I’ve called the physiotherapist and have an appointment tomorrow morning.  Until, this improves,  I can’t cycle.  In fact,  I can hardly move, nothing is getting done.  Sigh!




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