Out the Door

14 05 2015

It’s hard to believe,  but I’m sitting with my feet up.

After all of the busyness of the last few days and weeks, we are gone.  Every item on the list has been stroked off, and the list itself is in the burn bin.  The house is clean, and even somewhat empty,  making room for our summer house guests.

Our bags are packed,  and the time for decision making is over.  Packing became much easier after I admitted that everything was not going to fit in one duffel bag and we purchased a second one. I’m beginning to think I need to rethink my definition of traveling light,  this doesn’t feel like “light”!


Thank you to our friends Stuart and Marg, for taking us as far as Acton. We’re looking forward to supper with my brother and sister-in-law,  before spending the night at a hotel near the airport.

Ken and I took a walk around the property before we left.  It’s a little bit sad to realize we are going to miss the lilacs, the columbine will bloom while we’re gone,  we won’t know if the hydrangeas we planted last year will thrive or die. It felt strange to close the door of my shop,  knowing I wasn’t going to get my hands dirty for months.

Both of us very much appreciate the support and encouragement we are getting from friends and family. It gives me confidence.  Just a few days until we start cycling!





One response

14 05 2015

Have fun on your trip! And you will soon grow used to traveling light, and exchanging the flowers you see on your ride for those you’ve left at home. Thinking of you both….

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