Day One

18 05 2015

We’ve made it safely through day one,  and I admit I’m exhausted. There are a number of reasons for that:

1. It was the first day. Always stressful as we learn to navigate together again.


2. There was a lot of traffic.  We always felt safe.  In British Columbia there are bike lanes!  But the roar of traffic was always right beside us. Except when we were on a stone dust bike trail–a different kind of stress.

3. I took some gravol.  A two hour ferry ride could be disastrous for me,  better to be safe than sorry. Even if it makes me feel a little dopey.


4. We went much further than originally planned.  We missed the part where it is about 20 km from the ferry dock to Nanaimo,  and we cycled more than that.  A total of 120 km when the original plan was 65.

5. We had 3 flat tires! !!! On a bicycle that has never had a flat in 4000 km of riding. We are camped very close to a bicycle shop and tomorrow or stop will be there.  Do we need better tubes or a different tire?


Since we didn’t pull into camp until almost 7pm, we decided not to cook and found an awesome Vietnamese restaurant. I’m beginning to feel human again!

Tired but satisfied.




3 responses

19 05 2015

Well glad to hear you made it in, even if it took longer than planned.

19 05 2015

Glad to see you are safe and happy!
Umm…looks like it is the back tire that’s flat. Who sits back there? Predict fewer flats going forward as bodies adjust to exercise regimen.
Wind at your back – road rise to meet you etc. Have fun and stay safe!

19 05 2015
Flat Tire Dilemna Solved (We Hope) | The Farmer goes to Seminary

[…] J reported about day one of our cross continent journey. She mentions the day was long, that Gravol makes her […]

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