Pinch Flats or Snake Bites

19 05 2015

Today we learned about pinch flats,  also called snake bites.  We were at the bicycle shop this morning 10 minutes before they were officially open. A very nice man took a look at our damaged inner tubes and diagnosed pinch flats.  Under inflated tires are too soft and when you go over a bump or a set of railroad tracks or even hit a pebble, the tubes can get pinched, causing a hole and leaving us with a flat. It turns out that the gauge on our tire pump is out and instead of getting 80 lbs of pressure we were getting 45.

We left the bicycle shop with 4 new inner tubes and properly inflated tires. Cycled the entire day with no flats!  Who knew? !


This was a somewhat shorter day.  78 km from Parksville to Courtenay. Getting some practice doing hills, but so far, we’re managing fine.  The next 2 days will be a bit longer, the further north you go, the less the population and choices of places to stay are a bit limited.

Tonight we are camped on land owned by the first nations.  It’s a fine campground, even has free wi-fi in our tent, but we were thrown for a loop by the coin operated showers.  We only had enough loonies for one shower, so I shared Ken’s–in the men’s bathroom!  Good thing the campground is almost deserted!




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20 05 2015

That must’ve been fun in the shower!!

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