Never Say Never

22 05 2015

After yesterday’s long day and the comfort of the “At Water’s Edge” B&B, it was difficult to get on the bike this morning. But I knew today’s ride was less than 50 km and at the end of it there would be time for some rest.  Surprisingly,  once I got moving, my body cooperated and any “ouchies” were manageable–I’m sure the Tylenol helped!


View of the Day


Ken sending email from the view point.

We got to Port Hardy shortly after noon.  If you know me well, you should be sitting down for this next part. We are staying at a hostel.  Yep,  you read that right,  a hostel. After my experience in Spain,  walking the Camino,  I’ve been quite clear that I would never stay in a hostel again.  Never say never. For a lot of reasons this  was the right choice for this place. Laundry and kitchen facilities, location, availability of a private room and cost. The very friendly host even upgraded our room to one with a private,  partial bath.  To make things even better, at the moment, we are the only people here. After this experience we might even try another one.

Since we’ve done a week of riding, we’ve got a better sense of what need/want and what we don’t.  Today we loaded up an arm load of stuff,  bought a mailer envelope and sent some stuff home.  I realized I wasn’t going to use my outback oven, even though a good friend helped modify it for the trip. If I’m not baking, I don’t need my collapsible bowl. The idea of knitting socks as we traveled across the country was an impractical idea. If we really want to play cribbage we can manage with a deck of cards. Why were we carrying a second bottle of shampoo with us any way? We won’t miss the 2kg of weight and packing will be easier without some of those bulky items. For the second time in one day, I was reminded of the Camino, sending unwanted items ahead.


Good bye, stuff!

We’ve had a lovely afternoon wandering through this town, enjoyed some time in the local coffee shop, picked up a few groceries, spent some time with our feet up.

Just so I don’t forget,  this week we stayed in Maple Ridge, Parksville, Courtenay, Sayward, Port McNeill and Port Hardy. 




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