We Should’ve Ordered the Sushi!

22 05 2015

In the last two days we’ve cycled 250 km, through the hilliest terrain we’ve ever attempted.

In planning for this trip,  the thinking was that we would cycle Vancouver Island first,  before attempting the mountains of northern BC. We are so naive. Not only are the hills on the island extremely similar to mountains,  there are very few places to stop for the day,  forcing us to put in some long days.

This trip was never meant to be a budget trip and when we realized how long the days were going to be,  we chose not to camp. Last night was in a simple hotel room,  tonight a b&b. It’s also become quite cold,  so I expect it will be a while before we camp again. Our last night of camping was a bit of a downer–our neighbours decided to turn on the radio at about 10 pm, and left it on the entire night!!!!


Northern Vancouver Island is not heavily populated, not only are there few places to stay,  there are few places to eat.  We took a detour to the village of Woss. There only one choice for lunch and their specialty was,  of all things,  sushi!  Sushi is not my favourite and although some things looked tasty,  I needed something simple.  The ham and cheese sandwich was terrible.  The various plates of sushi and other rolls looked awesome.  We should have ordered the sushi.


Other than feeling tired,  we are feeling very accomplished. We’ve seen some amazing sights and for the moment are totally comfortable.





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