Sea-bands Don’t Work!

24 05 2015

After spending a day in Port Hardy,  we headed to the ferry terminal and boarded the Northern Expedition. When we chat to other passengers it becomes obvious that life here is very different from life in Huron County.  The talk is about fishing,  fish farms,  logging,  working camps, and ferry travel.  We’ve booked a room, with a private bath for the 22 hour trip,  but the locals bring blankets and sleeping bags and simply find a place on the floor to sleep. There’s even a group of high school students here, they’ve spent a week in Victoria,  for a band trip. 

There has been no talk of crops, seeding or tractors.


The highlight of the ferry trip has been the hump back whale swimming beside us while we ate breakfast.  It happened too fast and the windows don’t really allow for a good picture, so this will have to be a memory.

Since we’re on the inside passage,  most of what we see is rocks and trees and mountains.

The low point of the trip is my motion sickness. I purchased a sea-band in Port Hardy,  thinking that might be all I needed,  acupuncture should work as well as drugs,  right? Nope! Shortly after sailing, I knew I needed my gravol. Slightly woozy is way better than the alternative!

We were talking to a young man yesterday who is starting out on an adventure of his own. He is spending the summer as head chef of a resort. He admitted to us that he is both excited and terrified. As we begin to head east,  across the country, through the mountains and bear country,  I know exactly how he feels.





One response

24 05 2015

You are right about the seabands. Would have been nice if they did! But now you’re back under your own power, no seabands needed, just strong legs!

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