Heading East

26 05 2015

Yesterday we left Prince Rupert and began our journey east.  It was 150 km to the next town of Terrace so we planned to stop part way and make it a 2 day journey. Much of this section is quite flat as we traveled beside the Skeena River.  There were a couple of hills as we left Prince Rupert,  then basically flat until we arrived at the Kasik’s Wilderness Resort.


We were the only campers,  I think one couple stayed in a room.  You could say it was a little lonely. We managed a lovely meal in the evening,  but the next morning, the lighter was completely empty. We left with no caffeine in our system to give us a boost.


The ride into Terrace was quite uneventful.  We’re beginning some longer climbs, but so far,  are handling them quite well. We’ve found another B&B, a lovely shower and a comfy bed.


Terrace is the city Johnwill,  our son-in-law grew up in.  It appears to be a nice city to grow up in,  but I can certainly understand why a young person might want to leave.  There is no possibility of escaping your home town for a few hours,  distances to a larger urban center are huge.

Johnwill ‘s dad still lives in Terrace,  but it appears he is out of town at the moment,  we’ve been unable to connect.

Looking ahead at the next couple of days,  we think we’re camping again tomorrow night. Not sure what Internet access is going to look like.




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