We Conquered Hungry Hill!

29 05 2015

We conquered Hungry Hill!


The top!

For those people who use mapmyride.com, this is categorized as a category 2 hill.  That means it’s tough.  If “category 2” means nothing to you,  there were signs at the bottom of the hill for trucks to “chain up”, the top of the hill warned traffic there was an 8% grade ahead.   We managed the hill with the ability to gear down another gear or two if we needed to.  We’re feeling very accomplished!


The downhill was negotiated safely. But with wet roads it was a little scary,  made worse when the paved shoulder disappeared just outside of town and we had to “take the lane”.  Ken did an awesome job,  I simply hung on, concentrating on balancing.

It’s been rather wet and cold for the last couple of days,  by the time we got to our B&B, I felt like a popsicle.  The warm shower felt awesome and the willingness of our host to do a load of laundry for us made us feel so welcome.

Last night we stayed in Smithers, a town that is proud of its Swiss heritage.  We enjoyed some time sipping hot tea and munching on pastry in the coffee shop, a yummy stir fry for supper, and a comfy bed.  Before we left Smithers, we stopped at the local bike shop to make sure our tires were pumped up properly.

Tonight we are in Houston.  It’s a completely different town and seems to be less prosperous, sidewalks are a bit random, the residential area is far from the downtown, their mall is more than half empty; but we found a restaurant serving really good Indian food,  I’m looking forward to eating leftover naan bread for lunch tomorrow.

We haven’t been doing as much camping as we thought we would,  I’m sure that there will be more opportunity for sleeping in a tent,  in the mean time, I’m enjoying the available beds!


Stopping at a coffee shop in Telkwa




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